• March
    • Publication: Our paper proposing the use of cross-company probabilistic cause-effect diagrams to represent the knowledge on causes and effects of TD has been accepted at the 2nd International Conference on Technical Debt (TechDebt 2019).  Paper title: Supporting Analysis of Technical Debt Causes and Effects with Cross-Company Probabilistic Cause-Effect Diagrams!
    • Replication team: Welcome Cristian Camilo Castellanos, who has just joined the Colombian Replication Team!
    • InsighTD milestone: Costa Rica InsighTD replication has started.
    • InsighTD milestone: Serbia InsighTD replication has started.
  •  February
    • Replication teamWelcome Dr. Mohammad Alshayeb and Abdullah Aldaeej. Now we have the Saudi Arabian Replication Team :)!!!
    • InsighTD milestone: US InsighTD replication has started.
  • January
    • InsighTD milestone: Colombia InsighTD replication has started.


  •  November
    • Cooperation activities: Nicolli Rios has started her Ph.D. sandwich at the University of Maryland Baltimore County under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Carolyn Seaman.
    • Replication team: Welcome Dr. Darío Correal and Boris Pérez. Now we have the Colombian Replication Team :)!!!
    • Replication team: Welcome Gustavo López, Ignacio Díaz, Brenda Aymerich, Julio Guzmán, David Chaves, and Alexia Pacheco. Now we have an InsighTD Replication Team in Costa Rica too :)!!!
  •  October
    • Participation in events: Professor Manoel Mendonça has participated of the ESEM Conference in Oulu, Finland. Prof. Mendonça presented the paper “The Most Common Causes and Effects of Technical Debt: First Results from a Global Family of Industrial Surveys”.
    • Replication team: Welcome Dr. Valentina Lenarduzzi and Dr. Davide Taibi. The Finland Replication Team is complete now :)!!!
  •  August
    • Participation in events: Nicolli Rios and Prof. Rodrigo Spínola have participated of the Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications in Prague, where they had the opportunity to discuss a little bit more on causes and effects of TD.
    • Publication: The InsighTD Baseline Report has been accepted at the International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM 2018).  Paper title: The Most Common Causes and Effects of Technical Debt: First Results from a Global Family of Industrial Surveys.
    • Replication team: Welcome Dr. Clemente Izurieta and Dr. Davide Falessi. The US Replication Team is complete now :)!!!
    • PhD qualifying exam approval: Congratulations Nicolli Rios! Her thesis proposal, “Empirical Findings on Causes and Effects of Technical Debt in Software Projects through a Globally Distributed Family of Surveys”, is the heart of InsighTD.


  • November
    • InsighTD milestone: InsighTD website online
  • October
    • InsighTD milestone: InsighTD kickoff meeting (University of Maryland Baltimore County)